The Alpacas

I own four female alpacas. Two are suris and two are huacayas. I hope to learn about using the different fibre and how it spins and knits and possibly combine the two types in clothes and accessories. Three of my alpacas are pregnant, so have baby alpacas (called cria) to look forward to in the autumn!




Champagne is a big, strong white female. She was born in England in 2007 and imported to Italy in 2009. She is calm once she gets to know you and I will be working on getting her more used to being handled. She has already had two cria and is a good mother. She was mated on 21 November to Zarza Cliquot, a white suri and is now pregnant, with her cria due at the end of October.


Emilia a white huacaya

Emilia a white huacaya.

Emilia is a white female huacaya born in 2007. Another quite big alpaca, Emilia is very tame and quiet and used to the halter. She is very easily managed and has has had a male cria already. She was mated on 12 September to Zarza Lucca and is pregnant. Her cria is due around the end of August.



Diana a white huacaya alpaca

Diana is another white huacaya who was born in the Uk in 2007. She is used to the halter and easy to manage. She has already had one cria and was mated with Zarza McCartney on 24 October, so is now pregnant with her cria due on 10 October. It looks like i’s going to be a busy time!


Suri Alpaca Nicola

Suri Alpaca Nicola

Nicola is a five-year-old black suri who is very friendly and tame and used to the halter. She can’t have any offspring, but loves the crias belonging to the other females and is a very good auntie!  I think she’ll have to be with three little ones lolloping around in autumn!