Fabulous Fibre

Alpaca fibre is NOT to be confused with sheep’s wool. For a start it is lighter, stronger, silkier and more lustrous. It is hypoallergenic as it does not contain lanolin, so perfect if you can’t wear wool because you’re allergic.

Partly hollow, with water repellant and  thermal properties, it is measured in microns. A good quality fibre is between 18 and 25 microns in diameter.

Huacaya fibre has more crimp and elasticity than Suri fibre, which is silkier and has a greater sheen. Knitters tend to prefer Huacaya or a Huacaya/Suri mix, whilst Suri is the fibre used in woven materials. Armani has created a range of men’s and women’s suits from Suri fibre.


Alpaca Colour chart

Alpaca Colour Chart