Suri Alpaca Nicola

Suri Alpaca Nicola

Welcome to the magical world of alpacas, you will never be the same again!

My name is Fiona Tankard and La Vigna Alpacas is a small, soulful herd, managed with a lot of love (and carrots) from my home in Tuscany, Italy.

Keeping alpacas in Italy is a new venture for me and so I will be documenting my progress in the alpaca diaries blog. I want you to experience this with me because there are so few alpacas in Italy and my aim is to introduce these lovely, gentle little animals to more people.

I can also help you find alpacas for sale in Italy, using my contacts.

La Vigna Alpacas  – the Plan

  • to sell alpaca products on and off line
  • to run spinning and knitting courses in Tuscany
  • to provide information about alpacas including mythology, spirituality, pet therapy and serious facts!

Are you ready to go on an enchanted journey with me?

Then let the magic begin!